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Global Consulting B&B HB is a Stockholm-based consultancy company with more than 40 years of experience from international business in about 70 countries worldwide.

As experts on the Nordic marketplace, we help our clients with specialised knowledge, services and support. We offer advice in several strategic areas for companies and organisations interested in the opportunities of the region.

The Nordic region is often referred to as a single, homogeneous economy. Although Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland share some socio-political and cultural similarities, each nation has a distinct marketplace. This is evident in economic structure and cycles, legal frameworks and consumer behaviour.

Understanding these differences is essential to identifying the opportunities in each country, requiring strategies tailored to each market.

The countries are all small, open, export-led, mixed economies. However, the composition of the underlying markets varies significantly, resulting in divergent economic performance and prospects. The population of the five countries is approximately 26 million.

Did you know? The Nordics include Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland, whereas "Scandinavia" relates to Sweden, Denmark and Norway.