Gateway to Scandinavia

Gateway to Scandinavia

Do you want to sell your products and services in Scandinavia?

We offer personal business counselling and services in Scandinavian market expansion. Do you wonder what opportunities you can find in Scandinavia? We support you in getting the best possible start on the Scandinavian market by finding the right distributors, suppliers and other partners.

Finding business partners

To enter a market requires assessment of the market (often referred to as market and competition research), and appraisal of your own services or products. We deliver both services as a first step to entering your target market. We search for and identify new business opportunities for you in the Nordics.

Which partners are right for you? We'll help you find the right clients and other partners and get a good start. Together we create a client profile, identifying potential candidates and qualifying them. We also assist in negotiations and can be included as support to develop the business relationship to the benefit of all parties involved.


Letting Global Consulting B&B HB be your representative may be a logical second step in a market presence. This reduces both the time and financial risk and can serve as an important decision basis for the choice of strategy. To let Global Consulting B&B HB represent you is probably the easiest way to both develop your business and analyse the market.

Setting up your own company

The third level of market entrance would be to start your own company in your designated market. We can help you to set up the company and assist you with finding the requisite external competences in areas such as HR, Finance, Legal, Sales etc.